About RFX

RealFX Studios is a practical effects company established in 1999 and became an LLC in early 2021 is located in the United States that specializes in designing and building props, models and miniatures for clients that wish to collect for personal use or use in the filming industry. Practical effects are actual items made and used for production.

What are practical effects? Here’s the PRACTICAL EFFECTS DEFINITION…

Practical effects include but are not limited to: props, sets, creatures, vehicles and makeup. Practical effects, a subcategory of visual effects, are always made by hand and are never computer generated. They add a sense of realism to a special effects-driven story, because they are real.

We offer our services to the fan film industry at cost , since fan films are created from copyrighted works we cut the producers a break by offering our services to make their props/models at cost. If your making a fan film and need some props or models made please contact us for your project needs.

We offer our services for collectors as well! If your wanting a specific item or items made by our team please contact us for further details on costs and a time frame to get your project done for you.