Star Trek Studio Scale Klingon Bird Of Prey Model Kit

Arriving to the store for PRE-ORDERING 02/29/24

1:1 Life Size 4-LOM Currently on the project table.

In Development Star Trek 1:1 Life Size Borg Alcove and Borg Replica

Currently in development is a limited run of Borg Alcove’s with LINEAGE to the studio prop as well as a life size Borg, The alcove panels are made from the studio prop in our possession. The Alcove with a life size Borg as well! The Borg’s head sculpted by Michael Westmore who sculpted the original Borgs! We own first generation cast from the studio molds. The Borg body from the head down comes from our studio sculpt. The Alcove and Borg will feature lighting as well as the green plasma disc. This is expected to take nearly a year to develop , tooling has to be made, machines have to be built to make the panels and molds have to be made. Sign up for our newsletter for updates on this project!

1/24 Studio Scale “Hero” TIE Fighter

This Hero kit features resin cast parts, resin cast wing “stars” and authentic vintage Koolshade for the wing panels. This is a very limited run offering.

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1/24 Studio Scale X-Wing

The masters are currently on the workbench. Soon to be released.

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