New in the store! Vintage Koolshade!

In the 1970’s ILM used Koolshade on several studio models, TIE fighter wings both inner and outer and in the back of the “ball”, The 5ft Millennium Falcon and other Star Wars Studio models. We have managed to acquire over a dozen rolls of the vintage koolshade. What it vintage koolshade? There are 2 types the vintage stuff is 23 louvers per square inch and the newer stuff since the 1980’s is 17 louvers per square inch. Is there a difference? YES! the newer stuff has the louvers more spaced apart and doesn’t look right on the model and the reason is the new stuff ISN’T what was used. Now is the chance to get the real vintage LSA Koolshade! LIMITED SUPPLY therefore limited to one order per subject per customer.

What does that mean? Means, you can order enough koolshade for a tie fighter build but limited to 1 per customer, but if your building a TIE and a falcon you can order 1 for the TIE and 1 for the falcon but not 2 or more of the same added. This allows others to acquire material for their projects.

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